Rebel Souls

by Rob Jungklas

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Ruination 05:45
The Body’s Ruination Is The Soul’s Release I”m always talking like I’m high on something I’m always feeling like my head’s on fire I’m always looking for illumination But all I’m seeing is the flame expire All I wanted was a cool drink of water All I did was try to hold back the night All I said was, “Mister, look me in the eye” Now they’re talking ‘bout the boy ain’t right I do not ask for comfort And I do not ask for peace Give me gasoline, I am a bone machine And the body’s ruination is the soul’s release Rain down revelation I will take my stand Brother, I will hate you if I have to Brother, I will love you if I can Cross my willful path and change me I’m alive And I am waiting Love is the religion But Death is the deity The spirit moves on the water But the spirit does not move in me
61 05:08
61 Across the street from the Viper Room The girl with the hundred dollar high Demonstrates the disconnect To the boy who never cries She says, “The Almighty has endowed me With this figure and this face But I am devoid of consequence Somebody take me from this place” 61 Fetch me up from underground I can hardly wait to blow this town And leave behind all these lower forms who would rather cry than sing All the way to Canaan I can feel my shadow lengthening 61 Hold your head up, darling Quit your crying Come this time tomorrow I’ll be flying Down 61 A young McKinley Morganfield Stops his tractor in the middle of a row He says “There ain’t a thing to keep me here I might as well just go ahead and go” He tells himself, McKinley Man, just point it North and steer Why you want to die in Mississippi When your heart’s so full And the promised land’s so near? Right down 61 Down and down through the muscle and the bone One promise left to keep The dying man reaches out his hand, and he cries out in his sleep 61
Southern Cross The Dog The father of the blues picked up his coronet Stepped into a railroad car He watched a fellow passenger bending low Over a box guitar Watched him slide a knife blade up the strings The angels started weeping when that man began to sing Can you take me there? Can you take me there? Can you take me where the Southern cross the Dog? Where the Southern cross the Dog It was just another Saturday night In a club downtown somewhere Furry Lewis was holding court His leg was hurting him bad But he was too drunk to care His singing voice was made up in equal parts Of hope and despair He was singing, can you take me there? Can you take me there? Can you take me where the Southern cross the Dog? Where the Southern cross the Dog Have you ever seen a Memphis girl Wearing a simple cotton dress Moving to the music with her eyes closed tight And her arms wrapped around herself? Well, I have never seen anything so beautiful She can take me there Take me there Take me where the Southern cross the Dog Where the Southern cross the Dog Here comes the night, my darling Here comes the night, my love Will you take me in your arms? Will you fill me with your love? Meet me by the riverside Call my name, and I’ll be there Darling, I will be the whisper in your blood Darling, I will be the moonlight in your hair
Beulah Land 06:32
Beulah Land Neither servant nor a master I paid in blood for all I have And for my wound there is no suture There is no balm in Gilead I am only sound and fury I was surely born too die They say no man can kill the Midnight Rider But, by God, I will try I’d be lost without you Lost without you Take my hand, my lover And walk with our daughter Down to the river’s edge Cross over into Beulah Land When the sky turns reds and sulfur A pale horse and rider come I have made my introductions So far, I have not run When you kiss, kiss her once for me When I give my heart, it’s for eternity No other love could ever be As true as yours and mine As true as yours and mine In the dying light, the dark descending I see Death walking like a man One night soon now, he will beckon And I will shoot him where he stands
Uncover Me 04:53
Uncover Me Ragged hope Blessed nitroglycerine All tangled in your raven hair To deconstruct it, honey To know at last it’s coming The cooling of the blood The slipping away Take this flesh, my lover And then once my ghost is free The rest can fall away Uncover me The mourning dove A song of lamentation A dying man An indifferent god Someone to love Before the end of summer That’s all I ever wanted That’s all I ever wanted to be Dust to dust, my darling Here we are I will love you, dear, right here Underneath a million dying stars Iron to rust The sacred revolution The new graffiti on the temple wall Take this kiss Take this blood from a stone Take my hand and walk with me Through this orchard of bones
Rebel Soul 04:56
My Rebel Soul The way that I’m constructed The things that I believe Have led me to this crossroads And here I stand and bleed There ain’t no loose connection How can I make you understand? I will take this muddy water You can have your promised land And all your silver milagros All your gold plated saints The things you want, I don’t want The things you are, I ain’t Go on and dig that hole Dig that hole My body’s yours But you can never have my rebel soul For every truth, a contradiction For every saint, a Philistine For every death, a resurrection For every sin, a new machine Hung up on this old barbed wire My body’s flesh, my soul is fire I will not yield to sorrow I will not bend my knee His eye is on the sparrow But that’s not what I see My X is in the graveyard dirt Close by the hangman’s tree I’ll leave behind the man I was For the unholy ghost I was always meant to be
You Haunt Me 04:28
You Haunt Me I give back everything that’s yours I take back what is mine I hold you like a lover One last time I kiss you on your blood red lips Can’t help but say your name There was a time when your body Was the only thing that could keep me sane You’re not my lover now Why don’t you leave I want this to be over You haunt me Seven miles of blue horizon And the swelling crimson tide The road that leads to heaven Has a ditch on either side I am wishing on a rising star I say it soft and low Shall I tell you what I’m wishing? Oh, my darling, as if you didn’t know
The River Is Wide I lay me down, but I cannot sleep The river is wide, and the water is deep I hear my brother calling me But the river is wide, and the water is deep The wicked man prospers, and the righteous man weeps The river is wide, and the water is deep The river will flood and overflow The hard of heart will come to know As you sow, so shall you reap The river is wide, and the water is deep The River of Time will wash away What was never meant to stay The River of Love will never cease And that river is wide, and the water is deep The river is wide, and the water is deep
Down To The River All those wounded souls All those crooked hearts All those people crying All that’s tender torn apart We’re all traveling to Beulah Land Each and every one How we gonna find our heaven, baby If we bring hell with us when we come? The moon rose over Midtown With a sweet narcotic pull Shining down on the bleeding and the beautiful Shining down on all the noble savages And all the ragged saints Those of us who are redeemed And those of us who ain’t Going down to the river Going down to the river Going down to the river To wash it clean Part of us is angel And part of us is dirt There’s a part that’s flesh and blood And, baby, that’s the part that hurts I was helpless in the face of beauty, baby You were clear eyed, honey But you were helpless, too And our broken hearts were shuttered up and dark Now we’re just two more fallen angels Walking down the avenue
Crossing Over We’re all of us flesh Our fate is to yearn To fly to the sun To crash and to burn The people you love That’s who you are And everything else Is just blocking the light from the stars Crossing over I don’t know when, my darling But it won’t be long Crossing over I won’t see you no more in this world Baby, I’m gone We are what we create We are what we destroy We are neither and both We are the wedding of sorrow and joy The beauty is there So strong and so clear Even the passing of time Can be a song to the listening ear Leave from here, my darling Leave form here we must We will eave from here, my darling But our angels are covering us I want you to know You are here in my heart And nothing can separate us Nothing can tear us apart My love for you Has no end I am there in your blood, forever and ever Amen


To my friends in downloads only for now. Thanks


released April 27, 2022

Live recording by Kevin Houston on August 2, 2019 at the Green Room, Memphis
Additional recording and mixing by Kevin Houston at Nesbit Recording Services
Produced by Rob Jungklas and Kevin Houston
Mastered by Bruce Barielle
Cover art/design - Brooke Barnett
Background choir on Rebel Soul and The River Is Wide- “Wayfaring Stranger”, performed by Sacred Harp Singers of Cork, Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention 2012
Jonathan Kirkscey - Cello on Tracks 2, 3 and 8
Dave Smith - Electric Bass on Tracks 1, 2 and 4
Sam Shoup - Upright and Fretless Bass on Tracks 2 and 5
Jana Meisner- Cello on Track 4
Krista Wooten - Violin on Track 4
Shawn Zorn - percussion on Tracks 4 and 9

All songs, music and lyrics, Rob Jungklas, Her Smile Music, ASACAP


all rights reserved



Rob Jungklas Memphis, Tennessee

It seems that Jung Klas a man of extremes who have emotions and soul torments rush through blood and nerves as music. Sometimes he sounds like a lost soul or like a wounded animal that wants to shake his skin. Away from him

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