Where The Earth Meets The Sky

by Rob Jungklas

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More Than Flesh And Blood Slowly, so slowly, ever so slowly She unbuttons her overcoat She tilts back her head as far as it will go I kiss the delicate blue vein Pulsing in her throat Baby, what are you waiting for? Slip out of your evening dress Take off your velvet choker Let down your long, black hair Take me where the music plays And the candles flicker Take me where my heart beats quicker Than my heart has ever beaten before Where we can be More than flesh and blood We can be More than flesh and blood If you believe More than flesh and blood We can be More than flesh and blood Two lovers can rise above In your sweat, I taste my body In your eyes, I see my face In your voice, I hear my music In your vision of me I can find a path to grace To a place That’s more than flesh and blood Shh...listen Can you hear it? Sounds like a song the angels sing Shh...listen There it is again Oh baby, is it the sound of our breathing Or the beating of our wings? Meet me tonight on the steps of the temple Come hither with a vengeance, darling Come to me We’ll go down alone into the vault of inspiration But we’ll come out together Baby, you’ll see And I will pray for you And you will pray for me And our prayer will be the same That our love will always be More than flesh and blood
Dreaming Of Italy I had a dream You and I were walking on a promenade We came to a church on the banks of a river There were angels blowing trumpets carved in the facade Michelangelo was buried in the courtyard You kneeled down and put a flower on his grave And you said, “My heart is here with you, my darling But my soul is someplace far away” Dreaming of Italy Baby, what’s that tell you about you and me Dreaming of Italy Long gone The church bells tolled the setting sun The sky turned seven shades of blue I wrapped my arms around the statue of a saint But when I woke up, baby, I was holding you When you walk out in the cool of the evening You wear a white cotton dress A soft breeze blows it tight against your body I see the curve of your hips The swell of your breasts You said, “I want Italian moonlight shining down on me But I guess this full moon over Memphis is the only moon I’ll ever see” If that’s what makes you happy, then honey, I swear Wrap your arms around my back And, baby, I’ll take you there
So Hung Up 02:27
So Hung Up See the girl with the hourglass figure? Buddy, she’s with me Rhinestone earings, six inch heels And a Flintstone’s bandaid on her knee She ’s got a switchblade form Tijuana She’s got a Mona Lisa smile She talks to her cat about her love life She walks around naked just to drive me wild I’m so hung up I’m so hung up on the woman I love She is a strange Renaissance beauty Completely self possessed If Botticelli saw her at a cocktail party He’d spend all night looking down her dress I’m waiting for the second coming I’m waiting for a sign I’m waiting for the stars to fall For the rivers to rise For the water to turn into wine She’s the voice in the burning bush She’s the poison I prefer Her lips drip honey, here eyes shoot fire You tell me, is it any wonder
Pleasure Of The Curve I wear a silver skull on my right hand To remind me of the Promised Land Around my neck I wear a heart of glass As a memento mori, nothing lasts I got a place in my heart with a thirty day lease A blood red rose for the centerpiece Lingerie on a straight back chair I remember the night you left it there Do you want my heart? Do you have the nerve? All I know about love Is the pleasure of the curve You kissed so hard you cut my lip You put a drop of my blood on your fingertip Then you pressed it hard up against my mouth So nothing tender could slip out Its so easy early on When you’re swimming in a sea of sex Then you wake up on the beach in the early dawn You look at each other and you say, “What next?“ You can never be sure You can never be sure of anything
Where The Earth Meets The Sky Come to me, my darling In the twilight Oh, sweet hour of mystery When it isn’t day and it isn’t night You hover just above me like some holy ghost Flesh and spirit Neither and both Here in my heart My love and I Here in my heart Where the earth meets the sky Let’s make sound into music Let’s make words into a loving tongue Let’s make sex into a symbol Of heaven and earth joined together as one In a tree outside my window A nightingale sings A song so sad and beautiful That it gives my spirit voice Gives my body wings Men into angels Forever, amen Flesh into spirit And back again
Make Noise Like A Man Everybody who has felt the heat Has been burned by the fire Everybody who’s been lifted on the wings of love Has felt the wight of desire Some love lasts the duration So don’t pretend you’re cold if you’re hot Some love leads to separation So don’t pretend you’re happy if you’re not Do you want anybody? Do you need anybody? Do you love anybody? Take a stand And make noise like a man Someday, I hope it’s someday soon You’ll see someone across a crowded room With a face like an angel And a smile like the sun The world is new, and the night is young Someday, girl, your prince will come And when he does, don’t let the cat get your tongue Someday, boy, you’ll find your heart of gold And when you do, be bold Give me the strength of my convictions The courage of my desire without restriction I don’t want my life to be the same old story You know what they say Not guts, no glory
Worship In This Place I’ll bring precious gifts to her Bring her frankincense and myrrh See the light come shrining down This ground here is holy ground Angel, light the candle now Take off your pretty dress Let the incense fill the air Flesh and spirit coalesce Take me in your warm embrace Belly to belly and face to face You are my religion Let’s worship in this place Sex can be a sacrament A kiss can be an act of grace A touch can be a miracle A bed can be a holy place Here’s the church, here’s the steeple Open the doors and walk down the aisle Look into the temple of her eyes Kneel down at the altar of her smile Worship in this place Take this heart, it’s yours, my love Take this soul, it’s yours, my love Take this body it’s yours, my love Take this heaven, it’s yours, my love
King Of The World I can walk on the water Because I favor my impractical side I might not look like much But don’t be fooled by my disguise When I come by to your house Your dog begins to howl But your kitten is rubbing up against my leg She just seems to know somehow I’m the cat’s meow I ain’t saying love is everything But it’s sure enough to make me king I ain’it got no money But I got you, girl This is the land of milk and honey And I’m the king of the world You’re a pretty little time bomb But I am carrying the news I’ve got a hundred books of matches And I’ll use them all if that’s what I takes To light your fuse And, honey, once you start in burning There ain’t nothing you can do When I look at your sweet face I know that I can walk right into heaven like I own the place Only love can make the mountains crumble Only love can make the stars to fall Love is the power Love is the glory If you got love You got it all
Drowning In A Wishing Well I have to take a stand Pick up a sharp stick and draw a line in the sand Gotta find out what it means To be in love and have a dream I walk with you on a very high wire Balancing spirit and flesh Balancing love and desire My heart cries out for water But my love for you leads me to a ring of fire I’m drowning in a wishing well Drowning in a wishing well Maybe you pushed me Maybe I fell I’m drowning in a wishing well I bet I’ve walked one million miles On the razor’s edge of acceptance and denial And I’m doomed if I don’t give it up to you But I’ll be loosing something precious Baby, if I do Will you burn your bridges? Will you jump into the river? If she asks for the keys to the kingdom Will you stand and deliver? Forsaking everything Your heart and your soul and your flesh and your blood Will you do something you hate for somebody you love? I wish I had the gift of second sight I wish that I could rage against the dying of the light I wish that I could know I wish that I could tell If my love for you is leading me up into heaven Or down into hell


Here's what we were feeling in '93. Rusty McFarland, Greg Morrow, and I did most of the playing, with the help of our Memphis brothers and sisters in arms. We all meant it. Recorded at Crosstown Recorders (RIP).


released August 23, 2021

Produced by Rusty McFarland with Greg Morrow and Rob Jungklas
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rusty McFarland
Players: Rob Jungklas, Greg Morrow, Rusy McFarland, Rick Steff, Tommy Burroughs, Reba Russell, Susan Marshall, Kevin Tallent, Al “Fish” Herring
Recorded at Crosstown Recorders, Memphis, Tennessee, January 1993 to January 1994
All songs music and lyrics by Rob Jungklas, Her Smile Music, copyright 2021, ASCAP
Graphic design by Brooke Barnett

More Than Flesh And Blood
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, reed organ, synth cello
Rick - accordion
Tommy - violin

Dreaming Of Italy
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, accordion
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, 6 and 12 string electric guitars, B-3
Fish - trumpet
Rob and Rusty - backing vocals

So Hung Up
Rob - vocal, mandolin, electric guitar
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, acoustic and electric guitars
Rick and Rusty - kazoos
Greg and Rusty - backing vocals

I Feel Your Prayers
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, high string guitar
Rick - accordion
Rob and Rusty - backing vocals

Pleasure Of The Curve
Rob - vocal, electric guitar
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, electric guitar, solos, backing vocals
Rick - synth sitar
(Thanks to Radio Free Europe)

Where The Earth Meets The Sky
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Greg - drums,
Rusty - bass, electric guitars, 12 string acoustic, percussion
Rick - B3
Reba - backing vocals

Make Noise Like A Man
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, electric guitars
Tommy - electric guitar solo

Worship In This Place
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Greg - drums
Rusty -bass, 12 string and high string acoustic guitars, electric guitars and solo, electric sitar, percussion
Rick - accordion

King Of The World
Rob - vocal
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, electric guitars and solo, B3, M-80, percussion
Rob and Rusty - backing vocals

Drowning In A Wishing Well
Rob - vocal, acoustic guitar
Greg - drums, percussion
Rusty - bass, high string and gut string guitars, synth
Rick - piano, keyboards
Kevin - violin
Susan - backing vo


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Rob Jungklas Memphis, Tennessee

It seems that Jung Klas a man of extremes who have emotions and soul torments rush through blood and nerves as music. Sometimes he sounds like a lost soul or like a wounded animal that wants to shake his skin. Away from him

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